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    Foreign Policy
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Foreign Policy


I believe we should focus our efforts on American issues and let other sovereign entities be free to solve theirs. It is disrespectful and condescending to assume that our way is better than any other way until proven in the marketplace of ideas. It is bullying to coerce others to do things our way by use or threat of military force. It is inhumane to physically attack another society before we, ourselves have been violated.
This ties into immigration policy as well. We have placed sanctions on many nations forcing individuals to migrate to our country. We are seemingly always in a war which has played a part in this as well. If we continue to participate in these activities (we shouldn't), peaceful individuals should be able to travel freely in search of a better life. The US is a nation of immigrants and no one should be denied the opportunity to reside here simply because another family has lived here longer. A free market needs the free movement of people, not just ideas and products.

I support renewable and clean energy, adding benefit to the market and sustainability to the power grid. However, government regulation should only address public safety and not favor one industry over another.



I support a free-market health care system and opposes government mandates in insurance and healthcare. I recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the services they want (if any) and all other aspects of their medical care, including end-of-life decisions. People should be free to purchase health insurance across state lines. 


I support the legalization of cannabis on a national level.

It will reduce crime.
It will strengthen the economy
It will lower healthcare costs.
It will promote the reduction of using plastic (hemp based products).



I sees the economy as a collective success or failure of individuals and ideas, not a leverage point to hold others back. The tax system should reflect the ambition of the American Spirit, not the desire of the powerful to remain in power. Because corporations are recognized as individuals, they should be taxed as individuals.

We should focus on problems at home before attempting to solve them abroad. The federal government, made of and funded by Americans, should benefit Americans. We need to remove barriers to markets and end the lobbyist-funded mercantile system currently in place. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, and I support economic incentives to make it easier for all Americans to realize their dream, whatever that may be.
Here is a synopsis of more appropriate tax structire:

Graduated Tax Rates:
Income is Taxed (Individual and Corporate):
$0-$50000 - 5%
$50001-$100000 - 10%
$100001-$150000 - 15%
$150001-$200000 - 20%
$200001+ - 25%
Change Social Security rate from 6.2% to 5% (no cap), Medicare flat 2.5%
No exemptions (W-4 individuals)
Refundable Credits (Children and Education related)  

Term Limits

3 terms U.S. Representative
2 terms U.S. Senator  

One of the few sayings my grandafther passed on to me was that "Just because you're experienced at doing something, doesn't mean you're good at it."

Limitations of the power placed into politicians hands is necessary.

When we as a society continue to place the same individuals into office who aren't willing to collaborate with their cohorts or aren't able, to we make ourselves vulnerable to future politicians who will not have our best interests at heart.